Is he a player or just genuinely scared?

Ok I met a wonderful man on a legit dating site. He is great we have been talking for almost 2 months. Last weekend he came to meet me and my family. We went on a all day date. It was amazing. We both had so much fun he stayed at a hotel and spent the next morning with me and my family. We talk everyday over Skype for hours. We both admit to liking each other and wanting a relationship. However, i keep noticing a bunch of girls on his snapchat favorites and Facebook. He says he wants to be exclusive but he is scared of commitment. He said he wants to think about it. So he thought ab it all yesterday and today. Well today there is another girl in his snap chat. So to me it seems like he is just making an excuse because he doesn't want to commit to just one girl. He isn't sure I am worth losing all his other gal pals. What do I do? is he really scared or just not wanting to be tied down. ): Its a shame bc we both admit were perfect together. Help me please what do I do? do i confront him again? With us being long distant its very important that I can trust him.


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  • I don't think he's a player. I think he's a guy who knows long distance doesn't work, and he doesn't want to give up other girls for a relationship that just won't work.

    • Ok so he would rather play the field, then commit to what he calls "marriage material girl"

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    • Your probably right );

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  • Marriage material doesn't mean anything. I've said marriage material lots of times in the heated flush of new love.


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  • Does it matter? either way, he's told you upfront that commitment isn't likely to be in your future and he has other girls in the same position as you. i would stop bothering with him. he doesn't think you're worth giving up his other girls.