We both have feelings for each other but now, she's uncomfortable around me..?

for the past few months, I been talking/hanging out with this gal.. She was introduce me via a friend last summer..

after summer, I asked her if she would like to have dinner with me one of these weekend. She did, and ever since then.. we would see each other every weekend.. there was this one week, where we saw each other 3 days in a roll.. and everything was great..

however though, during dinner though, she started to act more friendly.. something that a friend shouldn't be doing.. for instance, whenever we go out.. I would grab the doors to my car, the restaurant and she really liked it.. she was like, my ex's doesn't do that at all..

whenever we go out, she acts like my girlfriend.. we would hold hands, and get real close with each other.. cause friends don't do this.. everytime we go out, we would dance and no matter what.. we always have a great time.
One night over dinner, then one night, while we were having dessert. We sat down and she came over to me and fed me hers.. the whole store was just looking at us... not to mention, her friends knows there was something between us.. and my guys did too.. my boys asked if there was an spark between me and her.. but i denied it cause we were still fresh..

but one night though.. we went out to dinner like we always do and she asked me if I saw her more as a friend, I replied, I do and I would like to go out with you.. in return, I asked her the question.. do you see me more as a friend? she replied, yes, I do.. and then we kissed.

after that, we didn't talk.. and during this whole time, I missed her alot, I miss her company.. I called her one day and pretty much put everything out there.. I admitted to missing her and I want to see you.. her reply was, I do too.

so I set something for the both of us.. but when the day came, she text me.. she was uncomfortable around me?

why does she tells me she misses me and want to see me but then threw an 180? I'm just lost and no clue.


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  • This whole thing is quite confusing. Just so you know, I think you're friend zoned. I know, sounds contorted, but I know many friend zoned guys who get to do all the romantic stuff with the girl they like, but she doesn't have any real intention on getting serious.

    Honestly, she sounds like one of those girls who isn't ready for good love. These are the girls a lot of guys say prefer jerks but the truth is, she just doesn't know how to take good love. The moment she thinks things are getting too serious, she does things to sabotage it, I.e. Friend zoning a guy she very much likes, but can't allow herself to fall for.

    That just my speculation. Nothing else make sense.


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  • I think she has a penis or an insecurity that probably held her completely back.her actions confuse me too, maybe you should talk to your buddy who introduced you guys maybe he knows something more.

  • maybe she was being nice when she said she missed you too? im just as confused as you honestly. unless...she met someone else? is this a possiblity? cause i do know that when there's a guy i hang out with and i like him strictly as a friend...things getting a little "hot" on his end and im not..is really scary. maybe she found someone she liked better,


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