He wants me to wait, should I?

We are long distance and we have been talking seriously every night for a month and a half. He has met my parents and everything we went on a big one day date on his birthday. So now I want to commit and be exclusive and he is being resistant. Come to find out he took me out last Saturday and he has another date with another girl this Saturday and he wants me to wait to Sunday to see if he picks me or the new girl...should I wait or just tell him i am worth more than that. I am depressed

I told him he will have to decide I am not waiting till Sunday to see if you pick her or me. Instead your going to decide if you go on the date you want to go out with other people if you don't go on the date your pursuing our relationship.


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  • If he's trying other options you better be as well. Your not a back up plan!

    • I told him then fine ill go out too and he was okay if that will help then go for it.

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  • You won't feel any better than you would if he left you compared to you leaving him. And if he chose you after you left him you would be even more sad.

    If you like him just wait


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