Whatever happened to common sense?

Just...can someone tell me? When did it become okay to be an absolute idiot?

Especially when the opposite gender is involved?

Like, is it hiding under the couch or something? Can someone help me find it?

Cause I swear it feels like I'm the only person around these days who hasn't surrendered their common sense and moral integrity for some side nooky these days.

Girls: "We had a one night stand! Does he love me? You know, because having sex with me without any regards to my emotions and feelings, the very things that make me a HUMAN BEING is totally a signal for love!"
Boys: "Yeah I pumped and dumped her and broke her heart, but it's her fault and not mine, cause heaven forbid I take accountability for my penis and my actions like an actual adult."


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  • Haha! I know right! Some answers are so painfully obvious that I really feel like replying with the highest level of sarcasm.

    But then I guess if they are asking such questions it means they really are confused. So either I help sincerely or don't comment at all.


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  • I sweaaarrrrrrrrrrr!!!
    Sometimes, you just wish like commenting with a no shit sherlock!! Cuz' the answers are THAT obviouslywritten in their question itself...
    Some literally make you pull out your hair. :|

  • I feel this way too but I believe in karma - what goes around comes around.

  • Some people were born without common sense.

  • Humans have lost morality as well as accountability and responsibility for their actions :’(

    What is common sense? I thought that term was out of style a long time ago.

  • It died together with humanity


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  • What happened to it? Has it ever really existed? I mean, now we talk about harmless stuff as the two examples you brought.
    Think about this for a moment: Not long ago it was "common sense" that people of a certain race are inferior to others to an extent where it would be totally ok to put them in gas chambers...

  • Since when has common sense been the norm? Things are the way they've always been... minus technology.

    • "Since when has common sense been the norm?"

      Do you have ANY idea how much that statement scares me? What you said just TERRIFIED me.

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    • It's like...why be smart? Why have morals and integrity? There's no reason to, it's not like you'll win or people will get better. You literally have NO reason to be an intelligent, good person.

      It's just...it's fucked up and it makes my brain hurt, and it's not like I didn't know society was brainless to begin with it's just...

      I feel like I'm fighting against a current, have been for so long, and I'm nowhere near winning, in fact, I've been doing nothing but going backwards...

      Your statement just..blew it up in my face more that's all.

    • Use you common sense and stop trying to help the damned...

      But in all seriousness, you can't help everyone.

      You need to pick and choose who you invest your energy in. Some people are worth it, many are not.

  • I stole it all.

    • I think it's about time you gave it back to everyone who lost it :)

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