Why when you don't agree with cheating do people say you hate the opposite gender?

For example if a woman has a bad experience with a man and she says she doesn't trust men. Why do people say than she must hate them? Maybe she's a lesbian? Same goes vice versa Oh he might be gay because he doesn't trust women.


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  • Friendships require trust. If you cannot trust the opposite gender, you have no good feelings of them. Then people will assume you hate the opposite gender. Just remember it's an assumption and it's not proven.

    I do feel there is a small minority... very small... that are homosexuals due to resentment of the opposite gender. But overall, I feel most people just grow up homosexual.


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  • Simple, People, as a whole, are stupid. Individuals may be intelligent, but people are stupid.

  • Why is it when I hit on women im just a "sex hungry creep", yet the moment I turn down sex from a woman i'm "Gay"?


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