Good or bad: Asked to go out this weekend she said she was busy?

I said: well doesn't matter, I'll notice when you want to then.

To which she said: Yesss. Do you have to study a lot this weekend?

After that we continued to talk for an hour, she asked me lots of questions.

Apparently it's her mum's birthday which she isn't going to miss for a 3rd time in a row.
So it sounds plausible.

Do you think she rejected the offer to go out because she doesn't want to? Or because she's really busy?

Ladies please advise.


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  • You should've tried to lock down another time right away.

    But it sounds like you still have another shot with her, and she may have just been legitimately busy.

    • I didn't do that because then I'd come across as needy...

    • Fair enough. Maybe I'm just needy lol.

      I just said that because sometimes girls will try to keep stringing you along by always having an excuse.

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  • sounds like she might be busy for real... talk to her friend or sibling and try to see if it's really her moms birthday or on social media if there are posts about it, if there's no "evidence" she's letting you down easy


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