Was he joking with me or serious?

My bf is away on a trip with a bunch of older people from his work. We always joke about him secretly liking the old ladies. I was teasing him today and said, "are there any hot old ladies I should worry about?" he said, "nope, no one cute at all :-(" I said, "what you didn't find a ten in Tennessee?" he said, " id be happy with a one but there is none to be found." I felt awkward and stopped joking with him, I wonder if he was playing along with me or if he was serious. What do you think?


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  • unfortunately i think your making yourself kinda insecure with these teasing questions you keep running on him, not sure what your goal is to keep making funn of him. but now its effecting you and your thoughts. most likely he's just playing along w you because any other thing he says you may take the wrong way and cause a dispute or verbal fight.
    so try not doing this anymore and if you start checking his phone or personal things you have trust issues and thats not good for good relationships. keep your relationship funn and a sense of humor always helps, sounds like you have one so just dont overthink things


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  • Are you fucking kidding me...

  • I think this requires a lot more information to tell you accurately :9 so I'd say try not to worry about it and watch for other signs

  • when he comes back from the trip, check his suitcase, especially his clothes, his pocket, also you could check his phone too


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