Something you never want to hear/see, but it has been said and done?

What is one of the harshest thing a guy/girl has ever said/done to you, particularly someone you liked?

I guess for me it was from a guy I met on a dating site, I had to cancel our one date, but arranged to meet up the next night and he had fully agreed. I got ready and everything and he pulled a 180 on me, stood me up pretty much and ignored me all that week. I didn't hear from him until the very end of the week when he texted me "fuck you" at 2am. I don't know at the time for me it was bad, but I look back on it now and laugh.

What is yours?


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  • guy is really dumb cuz you are lovely. some guys just take rejection personally...he probably would have been a gf beater. you probly dodged a bullet.

    • Aw I appreciate that! I didn't even really reject him. I was extremely nervous meeting him (as it would have been my first time meeting) and it was late I was tired so I was getting out of work earlier the next day and I said let's do it then. I did end up meeting him like a month later and he was fine in person. But over a text message he was mean to me. He is a weird guy I don't know if a lot of guys get like that. But from my experiences they are haha.

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    • hey how do i talk to you on here you are sooooo cute , but i follow you but when i try to send a private message it says you only accept messages from private users makes no sense... id really like to talk to you though!!!

    • I'm not sure how the settings work. You can message me though I just followed you back

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  • Wow, you lucked out by not meeting that guy. But I guess that's the quality of person you're bound to find on dating sites.

    The harshest thing that's ever been said to me is a long back story I won't get into but basically this person I was head over heels about (and knew I was head over heels for her) kept leading me on. Whenever I would start to pull away and decide "things aren't going to change" to try and move on she would do things that would make me question if she had changed her mind. Then eventually I got fed up and despite her best efforts I told her, "Look, we can still be friends, but I need some boundaries because the things we do aren't the things I do with people I'm "just friends" with. That's just how it has to be." She went OFF on me. The harshest thing she said out of it was that I don't know how to be friend with women. It wasn't even remotely true but because it came from somebody I cared about so much it cut pretty deep.

    I later found out she was purposely doing that. It was like her M. O. she was actually using me as kind of a type of leverage against some guys she was seeing (that I had no idea about). When he wasn't doing what she wanted she would say things like "This guy loves me more, I'll just be with him then" then do things with said guy to piss him off. I was said guy. I felt pretty terrible, which sums up the harshest thing ever done to be as well. Being THAT mislead by somebody I thought cared about me so much. Really messed with me.

    • Ahhh. Yess I've been in a fairly similar situation. It's not cool at all.

    • It really isn't. What "friend" has a guy they KNOW has completely fallen for them laying in bed with them at 1am watching a movie in the dark? Or invites him over and openly tries to get him drunk when it's just the two of them at her place? But she sure tried to convince me that it was all innocent and the issues were all on my end.

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  • Wow, that's terrible. What a douche. Be glad you never went on a date with him!

    When I was a teen, there was a guy in school I liked. One day we were kinda goofing around in class and I don't exactly remember what we were talking about, but it was something about women showing off their cleavage, and I said something like that I wouldn't mind showing mine off in the right outfit, and he replied, "you have no cleavage" (I have rather small breasts). And he said that in a completely serious way. He meant it.

    I don't know why, but at that time (I was 15 or 16), coming from him, it really hurt me. Today something like this wouldn't really affect me.

    • Lol the worst thing is I did end up going on a date with him like a month later long storyyy as we made up.
      No girl wants to hear that they have no cleavage from a guy that's just rude. Totally understand that. At that age especially teens are immature of stuff.

    • And how did it go?

    • It actually went well. But after he was being an ass to me.