We are meeting for the first time after exchanging numerous messages?

I've never done the online dating before, and it seems as if I have lucked out on my first try. This guy and I get along very well-with lots in common-lots to talk about, I am still seeking advice.

He was the one who initiated getting together by stating that you could potentially talk me into doing such and such. I asked him for coffee and he accepted. He has just recently sent me a play that he has written. He is heavily involved in theater- in fact he just graduated from college with a degree in liberal studies.

He asked me to critique his play! I ask these things because I am a little awkward and I don't read social cues very well.


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  • what's the question?

    • I'm sorry- I just became a little carried away! Do you think he likes me.

    • it sounds like it. I can't see anyother reason to go out with someone you met off of an online dating site