Girls, I need help. Been sleeping with a girl and more, but she doesn't want a relationship?

I started hanging out with a girl, and after a few weeks we had sex, and have had a few times. We don't just have sex, we do couple type stuff. She told me she doesn't want anything serious right now, is just enjoying getting to know me, and that I should let things happen naturally... Does anyone see any future here? Or is she using me for sex and skmekne to hang out with


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  • It could be as she said. Why dont you just take her word for it

    • I'm trying to decide if I wanna stick around since a relationship is what I want

    • well i can't tell you that, because it could just be time she needs

  • She wants to keep her options open means she's not that into you, either you kiss her goodbye or enjoy the moment if you can guarantee that there will be no feelings involved.


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