Guys why ask a girl her plans if you are not going to ask her out?

Why does this guy ask what I'm upto Saturday night or weekend? First time I said my plans have been cancelled and second time we had an awkward silence I wonder if his going to ask again when he sees me?
Is he asking because his making conversation or is he asking because he is thinking about asking me out? I'm confused and I can't figure him out, he always comes to talk to me and always finds me and knows I'm around even on very busy days, so what do you guys think?


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  • Go fishing - the card game:

    Got any threes? = looking for threes to match up with threes in his hand to make a book

    In plain English:
    >> I'm concerned you might not have any fun this weekend - so assure me you will
    >> I'd like to be with you this weekend but I have almost a full plate, none of which can be changed... I wonder if I might be able to fit you in... if I knew your itinerary... mmmmm, wonder if I make anything work with what she told me... mmm
    >> I might want to do something with you... but what? Maybe you have some fun plans - I could tag along... OK, you've got squat (better have something fun that... can be cancelled if he's got something better in mind next time)

    Proactive you:
    Let's DO something this weekend! Set a pickup time and we'll figure it out later.

    • So I take it his fishing to see what my response is going to be?
      You guys are SOOO complicated!

    • or sneaky, crafty & sometimes just clueless

    • Obviously clueless :)

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