He asked me out and then decided he doesn't want to date anyone for awhile?

We dated when I was 18 for like two months. It didn't work out cause because he was kinda mean & inconsiderate and we did move really fast. I moved on, had flings with other guys (who happened to be friends of both of us) & eventually had another boyfriend. Throughout the next five years, we had been off & on as friends. The first 2 years he was mean & pretty upset that I hung out with his guy friends (who were mine too). He would say the meanest things & eventually I got fed up & wanted nothing to do with him & just ignored him cos I didn't care anymore & was with someone else. A year went by & i continued my relationship until we ended up breaking up & I ran into him. We catched up since we hadn't talked for a year & kinda brushed everything off & he eventually kissed me that night. Since then we had been friendly but i eventually got back with my boyfriend & stayed with him for another year till we broke up & stayed broken up.

Till recently, me & this guy have reconnected & he asked me several times before I said yes & we eventually started dating again & then he asked me to be his girlfriend & two weeks after he broke up with me saying we shouldn't be dating, at least not this soon. I was sad & wanted to get back but he said I did nothing wrong, he just doesn't want to date anyone for awhile & to not take it personal & that it wouldn't be fair for either of us to try to this relationship stuff.

Were still friends but it just happened a couple weeks ago so I haven't seen him & I know we will be seeing each other around. I want to keep things cool & stay his friend & I want him to want me again cause i do feel like there's hope. I feel like he's always liked me and would get jealous from the other guys but since we moved so fast, it kinda screwed everything up.

What do I do since I eventually want to get back to dating him again (that's if he still wants to)? What do I do when I see him? I want to talk to him & I want him to have feelings for me again:(


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  • This guy sounds like a jerk. If he was mean to you to begin with (so much so that you wanted nothing to do with him) and then continued to be mean for two years after that, then chances are you should continue to not want anything to do with this guy. I don't understand why so many girls are this self destructive, always trying to get back with guys that are clearly bad people. My suggestion for you would be to move on, you'll find someone better, who treats you nicely, and you love just as much if not more.

    Imagine you went to a restaurant. You love the food and d├ęcor, but every single employee there is a complete asshole to you every single time you come. Why would you keep going to the place to be treated like garbage? There are plenty of other places that have food that's just as good, and they will probably have better staff. So stop sitting around this one restaurant, and start exploring new ones.


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