Tinder experiences - did I get scammed?

I was chatting with a woman on Tinder for a couple of days. I had three photos up. Obviously she liked them as we matched. She started asking to see more pictures. She would ask and end each request with a smiley face. I thought it was kinda weird. So I uploaded two other pictures and told her take a look and I would then take them down as I didn't want too many photos of me on there. Never heard back from her. Today, I notice she was gone for my list.

She was in her late 30's, average looking, seemed normal.

I guess she didn't like my other two photos, or I got scammed?

Just a little freaked out by this as other women I've been speaking to, even if the convo has died off, they're still in my list. None have asked me for additional photos like this woman did. I'm nervous, and also a little bit insulted. lol.


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  • Most girls are on Tindr for attention and ego boost, not really to get with guys. You have to be very attractive to pick up a girl. Sorry.

    • I got 3 numbers and have two dates coming up. I guess I'm somewhat attractive? lol.

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    • Its not nonsense. Most people don't settle for someone less attractive than they are unless they have to. Also keep in mind that most girls Tinder perceive themselves as hotter than they actually are.

    • The "think they are hotter than they actually are" is 100% true! It's also called delusion.

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  • I don't think you understand the meaning of scamming? How do you get scammed from posting photos? ...How does that make sense? Unless you gave her money or something, I don't understand how you think you got scammed?

    • Scammed is probably the wrong word. I just got freaked. My main photo you can see my face. I got a weird vibe from her sudden demands then she vanishes.

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    • I was insulted a bit, to be honest. I put up more pics then I get blocked? If you think I'm ugly, why even match with me in the first place when you can see my face?

    • It's hard to tell how some people think. Don't take it TOO personally.

  • If she disappeared from your list, she blocked you.

    • I know. Just don't get asking me for more pics then blocking me. Already could see me in my other photos.

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  • How could you possibly get scammed from showing her two more photos?

    Chances are that she couldn't tell who you were in the photos you provided or she simply couldn't get a good enough look at you.

    • Probably right as I uploaded pics I was wearing sunglasses.

  • What in the world would she do with them? More likely than not, she just decided that she wasn't attracted to you.

    • Hey never know... but I wouldn't be surprised about just not being that into me.

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    • That's cool. I've spoken to others and when the conversation died out, or stopped talking to them, they're still on my list. This woman seemed normal talking to her for a couple of days, then came this demand for more pics, and she's gone. It was very weird and got me nervous.

    • She was just too cowardly to reject you and wanted to make sure there was no potential confrontation. Sounds like she was just really insecure so don't let it getcha down.

  • It's only a scam if you gave her money, if this is not the case you're good. . My suggestion just move on.. Good luck

    • Yeah, I'm good. I got two dates lined up with a two different women, so I think I'll be just fine.

    • You go player