Embarrassing Date Stories: Every one has humorous, embarrassing, or disastrous first date stories...do tell.

I'll start it off, I was driving somewhere with my date but had to pee so badly I could almost taste it. I had to pull over, jump out of the car and pee on the side of the road. Major issue was that I didn't shake well and ended up having pee dribble down my pants...which my date spotted immediately when I got back in the car:)


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  • "There's plenty more of where that came from!"

    • There have to be a ton of them.
      Apropos: Do you have any good ones?

    • I meant two things by that comment: That there are more first date horror stories, and that that is what I would've turned around and said to her.

      I have a second date horror story. I went on a first date with this girl, but she was one of those ones that was using me and pretending it wasn't really a date.

      I though I'd give it one last shot, so on the second date we went to a concert. Partway through I figured "To hell with it!" and put my arm around her shoulder, just to see how she'd react.

      She instantly turns to me and goes, "What are you doing?"

      I continue to sit there with my arm around her, knowing full well what I'm doing, and say innocently, "What do you mean?"

      I knew damn well that she was using me from the get-go, so I figured I'd at least get a rise out of her.

      We then had an awkward conversation at intermission where she lied to me about all sorts of things (I knew her friends well).

      Good times.

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  • I was in a swimsuit on our way back from the lake when I started my period. Funnnnn timessss


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