Is she really angry? What can I do to make her happy?

We had a small fight. And I felt bad so when I tried to apologize this is what happened.

Me: Hey I'm sorry if I was rude before.
Me:Hmmm Tc
Me:I'm really sorry.
😑her:go away!!!
Seriously ur irritating me.

What do you think I must do? Should I just leave her?


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  • Seriously, go away and look for other girls worth apologizing for. I can sense that she wants you to please her more. Her kind of thinking or answering to you is immature enough (unless she or both of you aren't serious). I know girls likes guys to chase them around by being like this indirectly asking for more effort or some kind of sweetness words or acts from you (that is if you're dating or having a relt'p with a kid or little girl.) You're apologizing and trying to be nice but she can't even recognize it (unless you did really serious stuffs before that hurts her deeply, but you said its just small things). So I'd say, give her space and she will just come back if she'll miss you. I won't waste my time to someone seriously who can't accept apology for small things.

    • Thanks dear I guess I must stop texting her anymore.

    • You're welcome. I guess thats the best thing to do, stop texting her, let her rest and see what's her move. at least you did your part apologizing her and acknowledging your being rude to her in small things.

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  • well obviously there was an underlying something in that small fight which got her so riled up. Ask her why she's so mad, and when she says you should know, say that you don't but you want to know so you can make up for it. And if she still doesn't want to tell you, just chill and avoid her for a while.

  • Hey in my opinion I think you should do is give her some time to cool off. She seems like a hot headed person like myself. Wait a few hours and then try one more time. Tell her that you are only going to say sorry one more time and that you dont want to fight with her becaue you enjoy being with her. Sometimes girls can blow a situation out of the water. Good luck.


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  • Just let her cool off for a while.

    • The fight happened in the morning I messaged her in the evening thinking she's cooled down.