Advice for first meeting jitters? Do you think he might like me?

First of all I would like to thank everyone kindly for the advice in advance- I've not dated in a long while, and I think it also might be worth mentioning that I am terribly awkward with social cues.

I've currently met someone online, this is my first time ever trying online dating! After many exchanges of friendly banter, he initiated an invite to being Facebook friends.

It makes me comfortable to know that he is who he says he is, a person can never be too careful. Anyhow he was the one who initiated a get together, it went something along the lines of I would potentially be up to doing something that you suggest.

The last thing I think is worth mentioning- he is heavy into theatre! He has just written a play and asked me for my opinion.

I'm a little nervous about this first encounter because I've not been out with someone in so long- what do I do to calm my nerves? Secondly do you guys think he might be interested in more down the road- or does this sound more platonic to you? I apologize profusely for it being so long.


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  • No apologies necessary.

    Perhaps it might calm you to know that most people have first meeting jitters. What you are feeling is the norm for most of humanity.

    It might also calm you in knowing that he asked you out. That means that so far, he likes you. That's a step in the right direction, don't you think?

    It might also calm you in knowing that the guy who asked you out may very well be feeling the same way.

    If you are worried about finding conversation, you could always comment about his play or ask questions about it.

    Jitters on first dates are nothing new, my dear. Since Adam met Eve, people have felt them. It's OK that you feel them. Try and remember that, and try and remember that he may very well feel the same way.

    Have fun! Good luck! You take care now.


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  • I started dating about 2 months ago after my divorce back in January. I was with the same woman 25 yrs. I was very nervous about it. Really, all you can do is know the guy is a lot more nervous then you. Try to be forgiving on the first date if things seem awkward. Guys are not like women in that we never think about a woman as a "friend" or "platonic" ever. If we ask you out we are looking for it to turn into something. only woman ever think it is possible to have a guy for a friend. It isn't. he will act like a friend but will always want to have sex with you.
    I am always puzzled when a woman says she is nervous about a date. I had a woman text me that she was nervous about our first date and I was floored. A woman has total control of the whole dating / relationship thing so I am not sure what she has to be nervous about. All the pressure is on the guy because society dictates he has to do everything first and must be the aggressor, which sucks.
    so just try and relax as best you can. if it is a good fit you should feel relaxed pretty quick.

  • It's complicated...


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  • First of all, why are you apologizing so much? I get a good read of wig you are just from reading your question.Don't apologizing when you've done nothing wrong.

    Now as for this guy, we could hardly tell you anything because so many details are missing. We don't know the details of your conversations. I could probably give more insight if you could fill in those details.

    Follow me if you want to talk to me privately.

    • Okay I followed you so that we could speak in private! Thank you for the invite, it is much appreciated.