Is there any hope we can be back together?

About 6 months ago I met him.. we were seeing each other for a few months and then I went overseas for 2 months. This put a rift in things, because we were so new but I will say when I left we were getting pretty close. He was so sweet to me, he gifted me a beautiful scarf on my birthday and a T-Shirt sprayed with his cologne the day I left. We talked every so often & he did wish me happy Valentine's while I was away. When I got back, things were different… also he is a surgeon and VERY busy so it was really hard to see each other , I ended things saying we were better as friends out of frustration- then texted him a few weeks later saying I missed him. We saw each other and didn't talk much after that, he wished me a happy of cinco de mayo which i found really weird seeing as its not a major holiday and we're not mexican.. why would he do this? either way he got on my mind again and we started texting and last night we saw each other again.. he asked me about my love life and I said nonexistent and when I asked his he said love doesn't exist ( he's been hurt a lot of times and I know he's scared to fall again ). I made his bed while he was in the shower and he said wow I'm impressed , i said why? and he said it shows good character.

I really like this guy, a lot. but I just don't want to fall to deep for no reason, I'm scared to tell him how I feel bc I've also been badly hurt before and haven't fell for anyone since. we're both scorpios and our sign doesn't like to waste time on someone so i find it weird that we keep coming back to each other, is there hope we can be together?


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  • From what you said, I think the entire problem was you saying "we were better as friends". You should tell him how you feel, and see where things go from there.

    • How so? Do you think that he thinks that's what I still want? Like I said I'm very scared to tell him unless I know he feels the same way , my last relationship is really all I have the knowledge to base it off of and that ended badly and left me hurt for months.. I'm scared to put too much into this.

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