Is this a good thing? Or is he just saying it to make me feel happy!

So me and my guy friend have a complicated relationship. We're more then friends but aren't dating. I asked him if he was able to do the flooring for my mum and he said that he would pop over the next day.

I texted him the following day about it and he said he couldn't do it. I ignored the message as I didn't think it needed a reply and 10 mins after he sent that if he's back in time he'll come over. He didn't end up making it round but 'promised' he'll be round before the weekend.

I didn't bother asking him about it yesterday and instead aske him if he was busy tonight as it's the last day before the weekend. He said he was working till 7 but once again promised he'll try and get round at some point. As apparently his works been manic. I told him not to worry and I'll ask someone else. As it's most probably the last thing he wants to be doing after a long day at work.

He then replied back that if he gets back at a reasonable time he'll come over. Even after I said I'll ask someone else. Is this a good sign that he's willing to do me a favour even after a long day at work? Or is he just saying it to me make me happy?


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  • He's probably puzzled over whether you want a bf or a handyman for your mum!

    • He knows I want more from him, but he isn't ready for a relationship yet and worried about our age gap

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