Would a girl who likes you try to stop you from talking to another girl?

What reason could a female coworker tell you not to talk to another coworker? It's not like I'm ignoring the work the only other reason I can see is jealousy. Thoughts?


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  • Not unless she is incredibly insecure. And if she is? Do you want to date that? She could also just be a back stabbing bitchy co worker. Or think all other women are competition and not like them. All of the above is bad in my opinion.

    • Well the girl I'm flirting with is new, and the girl that is telling me not to talk to her was there with me when the place opened. I'm not even close with her but she's not bitchy. She's not my boss either do I don't understand why.

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  • Because we like having all men to ourselves.

    • Yes some women are very possesive they also seem to prefer a mans friendship to a womans. I wish this wasn't the case but it is. I was never wired that way.

    • Yup I'm one of those girls...

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