When is it ok to start dating again after break up?

Single since march 2014.

My last relationship lastet 6 years. But it was awful. He treated me like a piece of ****.

So, when do you guys think is it ok to start dating again?


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  • When you are ready. But you have to make sure you are mentally as well as emotionally ready. No one wants to go out with someone who spends the entirety of their dates complaining about their ex. Its one thing to use various happenings through out a relationships as examples of things when talking about odds and ends. But if you are still trying to get over what happened you need time to heal. People who hop from one relationship to another with out really giving themselves time to get themselves together tend to lose themselves.
    Just take it slow, and make sure when you do get involved with someone you are not just letting them fill a role. Its one thing to need someone because you love them, its another to love them because you need them. You have to be comfortable with yourself first. If you aren't then things get complicated and there are people out there that will take advantage of that.
    If you are questioning if its time to date again, then I would say you are not ready. You will know. Its a kind of epiphany you come to, like something is released or let go of. You will know. Just take care of you first. The rest will come in due time.


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  • It's 'okay' to start dating again whenever you feel you're ready. Since in your case your ex treated you badly and I'm sure damaged your self-confidence to a certain degree, there's nothing wrong with going back to the dating scene so long as you feel ready to make yourself emotionally vulnerable again.

    If/When you meet a guy, just take things slow. For me, when I got out of my last relationship which ended terribly after being together for a few years, I didn't feel ready to date for almost 2 years after. When I met my current boyfriend, I was casually seeing him for 6 months before things became official. Every case is different, you call the shots.

    Good luck! :)

  • DONT DATE!!! Go out and have fun!!! Enjoy the single life.

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