Have I just wasted a whole year on him? I need so much help.?

I need as many opinions as I can get. Ahh please help me. He tells me I look nice all the time. He's always around me. He'll look me in the eyes, and he will remember everything I say. He'll tell me secrets, and he'll talk to me about really deep topics. He will offer to pay for me. But he hangs out with so many other girls, and that makes me so jealous, but he will leave them all to hang out with me. He's such a sweet guy! I told him I liked him in November but at that time he liked someone else, and he went out with her for 2 weeks. She was a bitch. But she hates my guts for some reason. But anyways He didn't respond to me, but my friend said we should d8 in text, and he said he doesn't want to ruin our friendship and that I'm a great friend but not his type. This was in November when I was really straight forward and a complete idiot when it came to guys. I feel like I'm much better now, and all of those things I said he does is recently. He won't hang out with me alone. Our friends all say that he's just too shy, and he doesn't want to screw up. Every time we hang out it's in group setting, and yesterday I asked him to play cards with me twice. He rejected twice. I've heard it way too many times that oh maybe he doesn't want to ruin your friendship, but god damn I want to ruin it and make it something even better.


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  • Contrary to popular belief men communicate all the time. It's just when we talk, if it isn't what the woman wants to hear she ignores it. He told you that he doesn't want to ruin the friendship so why push it? I believe he's telling you the truth. In order for a man to be in a relationship, he has to reach a point in his life where he embraces selfless love. I believe this guy knows that he can't give that too you right now and is doing the right thing by telling you he doesn't want a relationship. I'm sorry but your just going to have to move on.

    • But that was in November. He knows I like him, so shouldn't he like not tell me that I look really good today? It gives me the wrong impression. Why does he even have to tell me that he wants to be a virgin until he's married? Why did he plan all of his classes with me? I can't get rid of him. I can't just stop talking to him. Ugh I just don't get why he doesn't stop me from falling.

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    • I don't think you came on too strong. If he felt the same way about you that you feel about him, he would have told you no matter how "strong" you came off

    • Okay so what do I do?

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  • Text the last sentence you wrote to him, you want to ruin it and make it better, that's so hot id love a line like that.,,,, god where are you cool girls!!

    • Lol we're in high school. But he's a good Christian boy. He has only ever gone out with 2 girls, and he wants to be a virgin until after he's married. You don't think that me saying that would be too much would it?

    • Wow I don't know he is a bit boring tbh I would not even bother what a waste of life not having sex.

    • but I feel the same way about sex lol

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  • Lmaoooo girl, couldn't said that last part any better, I wish you well.