Should I give this girl a chance on okcupid she sent me a message saying I was cute and how she wanted to meet me I don't message girls on there?

So Her first reply was hi your cute and I said so is this convo going somewhere I don't like to tease and she said yeah I wanna meet you so then she gave me her number, and every time I would text her once she would text 3 times which is not a big problem, but she seems to be getting obsessive saying please I wanna meet you. And I told her I just don't wanna drive 45 minutes and get stood up and she keeps on replying please I won't I promise. And the truth is I don't find her physically attractive, but she seems cool I like video games she likes video games.

I don't message girls on there, but I wen't on there cause I read on my aol mail that I had a message. Also she is fat.
She is at least 200lbs a little more even.


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  • First of all sweetie, Her being "fat" is a VERY foolish excuse of not wanting to meet her. If you don't wanna meet her leave it at that.. Tell her that that's the way you feel.

    • I don't mind a little fat, but she is really fat and her face is a little below average.

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    • @catguy, I ain't telling him to give her a chance

    • Just don't keep contacting her if you aren't interested

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  • Honestly, just don't reply and block her number. Don't give anyone priority online that you haven't met in person. Be grateful she actually wants to meet people in person unlike other girls who have profiles for attention. But if you're not interested, you don't owe anyone a reason.

    A big reason I don't date much is because so many girls are fat nowadays. I don't outright tell them that. I just move on. Ironically they chase fit men yet also cry and whine about guys wanting a good looking girl.

    • Yeah both genders are hypocrites.

    • Hm yeah I would just be wasting her time and mine.

    • So true so true

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  • If she was hot, she wouldn't be chasing after you. This might be her only way of getting a guy.

    • Aha I see are you saying I am ugly? Lol

    • Your not ugly but a hot girl would not go through a lot of effort to chase after somebody else.

    • Oh I see what you mean that makes sense.

  • If you want to then do it. It doesn't hurt to meet once


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