When he canceled my date was here sincere and is he interested.?

So there is this guy who I had feelings for and we made plans to rock climb two weeks prior but he's been mentioning that he's been having a back injury but he said that he would be able to climb. The day of our rock climbing he told me that his back wasn't ready and if we could aim for next week. I told him it was find and I hope he gets better and then he apologized thanked me and told me that he thinks he needs to go to the doctor. I told him that he should go to the doctor before it gets worse. He told me he will let me know as soon as he is ready to rock climb and said "trust me I'm ITCHING to rock climb". I am considering whether or not I should give him another chance. I am stressing over it.


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  • He specifically said next week? I would give the guy another chance, he certainly seems interested, but you can never really know how much an injury might affect you. I would ask him about when. If he sets a day and follows through with it, then that's a very good sign that he's interested. If he blows it off and never makes a specific date to reschedule, then he isn't serious about it.

    • Thanks I realized from past relationships he has been hurt in the past and he has feelings for me so were moving slow and steady.

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  • Stop. He wasn't lying. He wants to try again so he wants to hang out with you. Give him another chance.

  • If he hasn't named a solid date as a replacement then he's not too serious about this

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