Guys: is this guy tooooooooo needy?

Ok here's a question for you guys. I find this incident out if norm. I think most would. Here goes. So this guy hits me up on a social media site, he does not have a photo. His message reads. " I find you very attractive if you want to see a pic of me text me I promise it is worth your time". So I decided to text him. He did share pics and I found him attractive as well. After texting back and forth for awhile he starts sliding the question " what would it take to make you mine" I replied with " take me out to dinner is a start in that direction". He still preodically kept asking. So I just said hey I'm your queen with a wink. Well we are talking on the phone and so on. But after only a couple days he is acting as tho we are in a relationship. I told him I was concerned he was rushing things. He said I know what I want and I went after you. Now although he has been super awesome and a sweetheart ( I also know these are charistics of a needy guy) I can't help but think he's just a needy guy? Or am I over thinking this? Help! Lol


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  • Oh need he is hell i let the chicks come get me, let them beg for daddy but yes the guy does sound needy


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