I'm talking to (sort of dating in a sense that are going on a date but not boyfriend/girlfriend) a guy who I know is an active user on a dating site?

Question pretty much says it all. Before we started talking I created an account just because but never out up a picture or any information, I thought I would but then I decided it wasn't for me, I didn't even put my name. I saw his profile and whatnot on the dating site and didn't think anything of it. We've known each other for a really really long time but never thought about dating until now. He seems to be really interested in me and I in him, but I decided to look on the website to see if he had been on or updated anything and he had.

I've made the decision to delete my account, not mention it, and definitely NOT use it to like stalk him because I don't want to be crazy or creepy.

Should I be offended or worried that he's not really interested if he still frequents the website? I should probably forget about it, right? I mean, we aren't official or anything so he can still technically date other girls but if he does does that mean he's not interested in me really?


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  • I wouldn't call it a sign of him not being interested. Chances are, he's not actually doing all that much on the site any more, and using it mainly as a way to keep his options open because he's afraid that the two of you might now work out as much as he hopes. I would take it as a sign that he does actually like you. Simple as that :P


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