Two part question for the ladies regarding guys and fighting?

Q1- if a guy is into watching fighting sports (boxing, Muy Thai, mma (UFC)), does that make him unattractive to you? As in he appreciates it as a sport, not just to watch two guys pummel each other.

Q2- if a guy actually trains and actually fights competitively, is that a turn on, off, or neither? I've had several girls in my past turn me down because the fact that I'm a fighter worries them, regardless of the fact that I've never been in a physical altercation outside if the ring in my entire life.


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  • I love when guys are boxers, fighters etc.. It's a complete turn on watching them look so big and powerful! And as for watching a fight I would just join the guy and enjoy watching and having a couple of beers with him


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  • 1) Indifferent to that. I don't watch fighting anyways, but it doesn't matter if a guy does.

    2) If I said it's a turn off I'd be kind of a hypocrite, lol. I've been doing judo most of my life and reached the black belt level (just a low black belt though). It's different than MMA though as there is no striking allowed - it's all about throwing, grappling, and pinning your opponent. I think some girls are probably afraid that you will get badly hurt. If you're a good fighter that's not going to happen - minor injuries perhaps but nothing serious. Also all the dojos/gyms I've ever been a member at frown upon fighting outside and it's not good to do that anyways.

  • 1.This doesn't turn me off. I can understand his own interests.

    2. Hımm I can understand too; just little point there, only if he knows where to stop. I don't think i will worry just because he is a fighter. I can be worried only, he has no control on his fighting skills and wants to use it in any case.

  • you ever hear that song from the Firebrand of Florence? Sing Me Not A Ballad?

    'I am not liek Cerce,
    who shows men no mercy,
    Men are most important in my life...
    Venus, Cleo, Psyche,
    are melodies in my key;
    they know how to live the high life!
    Gallantry, I find it [can't find the word]
    & poetry, I find prosaic;
    Give me a man who is strong and silent,
    inarticulate, but violent!'

    what a song, man

    • So, yes? Lol

    • nah I don't like any men, even fighting men, lololol. But I like that song

  • I think fighting is stupid, and sort of prehistoric of a pastime. I wouldn't be able to respect his interest, be it spectator or participation.

    & I wouldn't want the added worry of him being injured.

    • That's because you view fighting as a barbaric show of men proving their manliness, not as it is today, a sport.

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    • Mmmm no, not really.

    • I'm serious, you are.
      If you can't see that boxing and mma require an almost equal level of strategy and skill, then you honestly have no idea what you're talking about.

  • I have no problem with either question, but they seems afraid of what you do and dont want to take the risk

  • I like watching those sports sometimes, it wouldn't make him unattractive to me unless he ONLY liked people getting injured.

    It isn't a turn off that a guy fights but it would worry me because a lot of fighters end up getting hurt badly and sometimes develop other things as they age quicker. Even as pro fighter everyone is at risk of serious injuries and possibly death.

  • 1. I love UFC and would love to date a guy who like it also.
    2. I'd be into dating a fighter lol

  • Q1: No. I see watching sports in general as average guy behavior :p

    Q2: It really depends on his personality. If he has a temper to match, then it would be a turn off. Otherwise, I'd worry about him being really hurt from all the punches :)

  • 1. Love guys who do it as a sport
    2. Yes I would constantly worry about them and I don't think I'd want a long term relationship with a competitive fighter.
    This reminds me of that Friends know the one ;)

    • I don't :/ lol

    • It's a good one. Monica dates a millionaire who has a dream to become the ultimate fighting champion and almost dies. Check it out for a good laugh!

    • Haha I'll make sure to watch it. It shall be my first ever episode of friends. :D

  • Q1 I wouldn't mind watching fighting sports
    Q2 I would find it a turn on as long as he wasn't a violent person out of the ring.

  • personally i dont like fighting sports.. its a little too much for me haha and id be terrified if the person i was with was involved in it. i mean some serious stuff could happen (as far as injuries and stuff) and id hate to see him fighting like that... especially if he was losing haha. so yeah. not really my thing. but i know a lot of other girls who dont mind it and even like watching it themselves!

    • Fighting has wayyyyyy less injuries that any other major sport :p

    • really? well either way i dont enjoy it haha it makes me very uncomfortable watching it

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  • I think that guys who are fighters would actually be less likely to be physically violent, because they have an outlet.

    It's kind of like why football players never beat on each other when they're trash talking after the play. They know they can just hit the other guy during the next play as hard as they want.

    • Excellent point.

      I have my outlet.
      Plus, ANY reputable gym will tell you fighting outside the ring is forbidden unless you have no other option. Most places will no longer let you train there if they hear about you fighting outside.