To call or not to call?

How often should a girl call a guy or vice versa if you aren't sure if you are just friends or if the other person is interested in being more than friends? Should you wait until the other person calls or should you be the one to call. Been out with this person a few times and like spending time together. Just afraid that if I don't call often enough this person will think I am not interested but if I call too much will think I am desperate. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • I think daily is a bit much, especially at first. I tend to wait until they contact me in the early stages, unless there is a clear reason to call. After that, I sort of mirror their frequency, letting them set the pace (I'll call more when they call more, but not more than they do). Once you are in an established relationship it's different. I communicate interest by being enthusiastic when they call, showing that I'm interested while on the date, and sayng yes when they ask me out again. Early on, I might call after a few dates to ask them over for dinner or something, but by and large, I try to avoid doing the contacting. Occasionally I'll send an email with some sort of message. That's less intrusive, doesn't interrupt him, and gives him a chance to respond when it's convenient.

  • call somedays and text the other. You don't have to call them everyday but text somedays too and not too much texting. Just let each other know that you are thinking about them everyday. Don't worry about who should do it first. Just do what you feel like doing. call cause you want to, text cause you want too. Also, be patient with his responses. he can be busy sometimes.

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