Is this quiet guy really interested in me or is he just tagging along?

I started dating a really quiet guy a couple weeks ago. Not long. For our first date..we had a really fun night adventure bar hopping and driving around.
But... throughout, he was pretty quiet and there were some points I wasn't sure if he was enjoying the date. So I had to up my convo game a bit to keep his attention and I'm a true introvert. The night was so fun he didn't want the night to end when I felt it got too late. I can tell he was definitely interested in me. We have tons in common. So we texted a bit, but him being extremely quiet, he rarely texts back.

We saw each other again, this time we fooled around a bit. When we said goodbye, I felt a strange distant vibe.

3 days passed and I haven't heard from him. He invited to go to something with him, but he didn't even ask about me. How I'm doing and all. And he was still really quiet.

So maybe that's just how he is; shy, quiet and seclusive, but I was wondering if he's just lonely and is having me tag along until he finds someone he really likes?

Or is he just so shy I'll have to wait for him to come out of his shell? Thanks!

Whoopsie. Right after the 3 days, I actually called him. Then he invited me out


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  • If three days passed, he doesn't sound that into you.


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