Would you date a American Civil War reenactor and why?

I'm an American Civil War reenactor, and I know not many people like history. But I LOVE history. I've recently become a reenactor, and I'm representing my great-great grandfather who fought for the army of Tennessee. Would you give a reenactor a chance and be my southern belle?

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  • Yes. I was in civil war club in high school. Yea that was a club in my school. My father still does reenactments.

  • It really depends on what side they're reenacting, LOOOOOLLLLLLLL

    • Lol I'm reenacting the South aka the Confederacy. I'm not a racist, its who my family fought for.

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    • do you have schizophrenia or sth? I do, too :)

    • Lol I'm not that mad, its hard answering three questions while looking at what others are saying. Off to college tra.

  • If that was his full time job, no I wouldn't

    If that was just a hobby on the side, I would

    • It would be cool to do it full time, but no its just a hobby of mine.

  • Sorry no, I live too far from you. I am not nostalgic about the past.


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