Help me figure out what this guy wants from me! I say he only wants sex but he says no.?

So I've known this guy for a few months now. Normally we just hang out, cuddle, sometimes have sex. The problem is that he always contacts me and ask me to hang out or come over and then he stands me up. So this has lead me to not put much effort into the relationship or contact him. He always contacts me. So he was supposed to come over tonight but I never bothered to call him because I figured he just not going to show up anyways so why bother. He called me at 3:30am wanting to have the relationship talk. Asking me if I'm seeing someone else and what not because he's putting in all the effort and I'm not responding I guess. But I'm my defense he stands me up all the time and seems to only want sex. So he goes on about how much he likes me and is attracted to me and asking me what I want from him. He says he's happy when he is with me. I told him I would like for our relationship to be more but I don't know if he just wants sex from me. Then he says he wants to come over so we can talk about this face to face and I said okay because I want to know what's going on myself. He wants to come over to cuddle with me and talk about us and "nothing more." Part of me knowing he's probably not going to show up and what do you know he doesn't show up. I called him and he won't answer. I don't get why he woke me up and asked to come over if he wasn't going to show up and then wonders why I'm distant. I have kids from my previous marriage and he says that makes things complicated. But I've made it clear that I'm not looking for a father for my kids but he seems worried about whether or not they will like him and if they will be okay with me having a boyfriend. Which I understand and respect. I feel like he's just jerking me around and I've told him this before but he doesn't see it that way. Even though he stands me up he will still text and call me. I've told him I'm pissed and he apologizes and asks how to make it up to me. I've even told him to fuck off and he still calls


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  • Who cares what he wants from you! It seems clear enough that he isn't a good match for you, so you should move on to the next man.


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