Guy asking what's planed for tonight?

Do guys ask what's planed for tonight to make conversation or are they thinking about asking a girl out?


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  • Asking a girl out, without coming off as desperate and invading without consideration of the other person or feelings.

    • Occasionally for conversational purpose because there really is nothing to talk about, and he wants to know what you like doing.

    • So would he like to know what I like doing so he could possible like doing the same thing too? And if it's two weeks in a row his asked same question and the second time there was a awkward silence?

    • Would put it into consideration list, but no guarantee. If there is an awkward silence, you are not talking enough. I walk away if I couldn't get anything more than a 3 word answer, that basically tells me "go away now"

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  • Both but usually if they are thinking about asking a girl out.


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