Putting myself out there -calm my nerves?

My boyfriend of over one year has been really closed off these past few weeks and we've really disconnected and our communication has gone to crap. Prior to this our relationship is great, we're very happy together. He's been going through a tough time and he's closed up in himself and locked me out, he told me I'm not a priority at the moment because of this other issues. He also told me he's not sure he wants to continue this relationship, but hasn't had time to think because of the stress (year 12 and family health issues). I miss him like crazy, these past few weeks my love for him has grown and I have to fight for us. I'm going to his house tomorrow. We can't talk at school, he just avoids me, and we won't have this conversation on Facebook or text. I'm so nervous, I fear I'll choke up and not be able to say what I want to say or he won't be willing to speak to me or he continues to be closed off, it's like he's not allowing his feelings for me to exist. I need help on how to keep my cool and talk to him effectively - he has a huge ego and I tend to either be pleading or attacking.


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  • This is tough. You have to decide whether to give him some space and let him figure things out, or just fight for him. You need to determine which is best for the situation.

    At the end of the day, you can't change the way he feels. If he is over the relationship or no longer willing to put in any effort, it may be time for it to end. :(

    • I decided to go see him - he was rather surprised but not angry. I didn't stay long but we spoke about as much as we could. He said he wanted to to be with me and now we've started talking about how to get back to a good place and compromise in order to be happy :)

    • Ahh that's great - all the best!

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