Girls how to hook up with girls while sober?

Since you girls had hook up already, I'm pretty sure you can share your experience and maybe I can learn how to hook up with girls, obviously I don't know how to hook up with girls since I haven't hook up with anyone in 9 years, and the last person I hook up with was my girfriend.

What do you do? From what I heard, there is usually drugs and alcohol involved, but I'm prety sure it is possible to make it happen with out it.

I think one of the biggest reasons I haven't hook up with anybody is because I'm not a drinker neither I do drugs.

So without that, how does it goes, do you invite a girl over for a movie? Do you inviter to play scramble maybe, do you juts kiss her on th spot spontaneously, but then what? Do you touch her breasts? or do you start taking her cloth off with saying a word. The whole thing feels so alien to me.

Please share your experience, maybe I can learn something and do it someday.


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  • it's definitely possible without drugs or alcohol.

    One option is to go to a party and just not drink. You could meet new people and talk to some girls. But if by "hook up" you mean sex then you would have to be careful if the girl is wasted then she can't really give consent. But you might find a girl who's not drunk that you can talk to, get to know, and maybe make out with!

    If you're going to go the "invite her over" route, then start with the kiss. Obviously don't just kiss her as soon as she walks in, but invite a girl over to watch a movie, cuddle while you're watching the movie, maybe turn to look at her, and when your faces are close enough then you can go in for the kiss. Don't start touching her breasts or taking her clothes off until after you guys are kissing, and it's okay to take it slow. she might not be ready to strip, so just enjoy the kissing while it's happening.

    Hope this helps!

    • I had a girl the over night and we were kissing and it felt that it got too hot cause she was shaking, but i didn't do anything other than kissing and i think that was a big mistake because sure after she left and never called back, my guess is she was dissapointed that i didn't know how to take it further, and i was hesitant to move forward fast enough, honestly it juts felt strange to start molesting her or taking her cloth off, that's why i didn't do it

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    • just word it differently. if you say "let's slow down" that sounds like YOU are the one who wants to be slow and not go further. If YOU want to go further but don't want to pressure her, then ask "Do you want to slow down" or say "if this is too fast let me know" and if she doesn't say she wants to be slow then you go at whatever speed you want to and don't stop until she says something.

    • if this is too fast let me know is money right there, thanks

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