i have a crush on this girl. thanks?

i have a crush on this girl. i think she is single. we went to high school together. its been like a year. my plan- ask friends that know her if she is single. i hope they help me. i just want to tell her that i have a crush on her. ever been in this sitch before?


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  • Good plan, I'm glad you're taking action. Maybe try and hang with her since you have mutual friends, and talk it up, then you can tell her you like her

    • thanks yo. i mean right now i just hope that when i talk to some friends that they are ya know happy. #theyhelpme.

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    • wait hold up. what you mean 'taking action'

    • By telling her that you have a crush on her, that's taking action. Too many people on here, including myself, try to get the girl/guy without actually straight up asking them out.

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  • I'm on the same boat right now, but vice versa. :)

    Good luck, If she's single, I say get to know her, or hang out more.
    Don't make moves too fast or you'll overwhelm her, but not too slow either, it will give her the idea you're not interested.

    Find a happy medium!

  • Keep in mind that if you ask her friends they will report to her that you asked. This could appear a little stalkerish.

    • my friends are friends with her.

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