Is it okay to be unhappy with my birthday gift from my bf? What's the right way to let him know if so? Will he ever change?

It was my birthday..probably the fourth one i had with my boyfriend. i received a dinner treat and a little charm from him. to be honest, i was a little disappointed. because that's exactly what my female frn gave me. (and he is my bf - isn't that something MORE?)

on the other hand,.. i felt like i contributed much more on his bday the previous year.. a beach holiday trip and a pair of sunglasses. to make matters worse, my friends' bfs give amazing gifts..hotel stays, thousand dollar 21st gift (yes yes i shouldn't compare)

i probably sound utterly materialistic, but i can't help it. if the only right thing to do is to change my thinking then i guess ill work on it.

he isn't poor, he is the sort that is mindful of his expenditure. will he ever change? (with the right cues) I don't want to end up in a marriage like my parents - ungiving. nothing is celebrated.


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  • Best gifts aren't 'gifts', they're usually experiences, trips, adventures.
    You're comparing him to a friends man that gave her $1000 ?
    Be happy you have a man with at least a bit more imagination.
    Its easy to buy those things, plenty of guys could do that; because its just money (thoughtless unfeeling money).
    Next time just ask for a real surprise before you b/d? tell him you want to do something original?

    I'm not necessarily saying money doesn't matter concerning gifts, but the thought matters most.
    Like a $1000 envelope is a lot, but if he spent half that money and twice the time thinking; you'd probably be happier with some gift that is uniquely You.

    He seems genuinely well intended, most women would melt at being given jewelry? And a romantic dinner isn't so bad, just a tad cliche?


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  • Thousand dollar birthday gift, then Christmas comes around, Valentine's day... How about no. I like this guy, please tell him so he walks, he is the sort that is mindful of his expenditure. Rare to find these days, instead of spending all of his money on an ungrateful girlfriend and wasting it on other things, he is saving up. He should just give you v=0TslkSW20rQ imo. Love how you compare his to your friends, maybe they aren't as selfish and demanding to the point of telling their boyfriends I hate your gifts. So they still give a damn and try.

  • First off let me say that you're a selfish person. It doesn't matter the gift he has for you, but the fact that he cares about you.

    Second off, its not impossible not to like the gift our partner gives us sometimes. If you don't like it you shouldn't tell him that. A ''thank you'' would be appreciated.

  • I really appreciate your gift, it is lovely, but not really me. Can we change it for something that is?

    • haha! i did say exactly that. it turns out he bought it quite some time ago. :/

    • Bugger lol xx

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