Would you contact someone who probably blew you off? Is it okay to be persistent as a girl?

Hi, When a girl asks you out and you apologize for not being able to meet at that time, are you not interested or blowing her off?
(I was a bit flaky the previous times; not on purpose though. But I kept my promises).
I mean would someone apologize if he/she didn't care?
Is it okay to try again after a few weeks?


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  • see,
    apologizing doesn't mean care. apologizing in this case by him is he doesn't want to hurt and he is tryng to be nice...he is not interested... trust me if a guy or girl is interested. they will do whatever in their power to make it hpn. i have skipped my judo practises to being with her... she asked me out when she was interested. my friend dont get ur hopes high... if he was interested he would have asked u out. instead of u asking him

    • Well he did, but I was a bit flaky, didn't know if I would have time etc (but I was interested). I wanted to make it up that's why I asked. Keeping casual conversation on? I've moved on so far...it's been quite a while

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    • Do you know a lot about PUA?

    • Yes.. all learnt to dissect her actions and body language... i won't say am expert buti knw a lot to advise. Will refer also to my fellow gagers who helpd me a lot in my love matters like gingerr stardust handsomeraj etc

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  • You should try it again but ye I totally agree with knotme.

    • And how would you do it? I'm so bad at this.