Please guys tell me the truth if i what I did is wrong or not?

Finally i get divorced from my husband it didn't take so long with my professional lawyer and
I celebrate with my ex boyfriend and my daughter and were happy
In the end of the day i went to the room with my daughter to sleep but i don't sleep i was thinking about many things in the balcony then my ex come to me and he hugged me from behind and put his hands around my waist and told me that he will be happy with me and and we will start to draw our future together again then he started to kiss me and we were super happy finally we're together again and my daughter saw that and she started to cry and she didn't eat anything or even play in her toys i don't know why or what to do!

I really need your opinion guys


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  • How was the relation ship between your daughter and her father? It sounds like she wants her father, not some substitute. It's going to take her a while to get used to it. She may not ever get used to it.

    • She love her father so much but he was busy all the time and he was always away from her!

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    • If you don't understand kids you need to learn real fast. If your boyfriend understands them he should understand what your daughter is going through.

      You don't really have to understand everything that's going on in her head. You just need to understand that it really is hard for her. You need to accept the way she feels. She's a young child and is not going to think and feel things the same way as adults. You just have to accept her feelings and accept that this whole thing hurts her.

    • Oh my god ( thank you for explain everything to me)

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  • The kids always suffer b/c the parents can't be happy & work things out after having fun making them. There will always be a hole in that kid, wishing for Mom & Dad to get back together & be a happy family once again. Everything else will be "just OK".


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