Unsure of what to do. Unsure of what he thinks. Advice please?

So this is the situation:

I had a date with this guy I really like. We've known each other for more than a year, it has always been casual, on and off...
He's been single for more than 4 years now, seeing other people, not being serious with anyone of them.

So, our date was supposed to be at 7 pm but he got stuck at work. So he was updating me with pics of him working etc until he finally said he was finishing his work, that I could pass by. We met at 9 pm and I was already pissed off, and he was frustrated as well.
We had a glass of wine at his home and I had to leave because I had another commitment at 10 pm (he knew this).

thing is I felt really sad after seeing him. Maybe it was because I had high expectations, maybe because I was all dressed up to go have dinner and we couldn't go...Maybe because I expected him to act differently...
I asked him when we could meet again, we both said this Sunday night at my home. I told him not to cancel, he told me to kiss him to seal the date.

When I arrived home he texted me asking me to text him back and tell him I arrived home safe, which I did.

these are part of our texts, which I'd really appreciate your feedback:

him: I wanted you
me: take me, I'm yours
him: I will
me: are you mine?
him: I don't belong to anyone else
me: OK then, you're mine
him:haha, take me
me: Say that you're mine
him:I'm yours...:P

and then a couple texts more until I stopped replying. One other thing he said:
I asked him if I was the only one. He replied: "You're the only one that matters" He was joking.

Now I don't know what to do, text him more, ask him about Sunday, what to do? Is he feeling pity for me because I was all pissed of? Is he mocking at me?

Please advice


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  • sounds like flirting, yes text him

    • it's not that he feels bad for me because I was all dressed up?

    • and he feels the obligation to be nice to me?

    • it could, but it sounds like flirting