HELP! I've made myself too available. How can I reverse the damage?

I got a little over eager. After my first date with a guy I really like I kept pursuing another date. Not obsessively or anything.. I just wanted him to know I liked him. However, I could tell he was becoming disinterested because his responses to my texts became less frequent. I'm positive the physical attraction is still there but how can I get him interested in ME again? How can I gain back my mystery that he obviously loved so much in the beginning?


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  • Honestly, if I was the one texting you less, it'd be because I wasn't interested AKA the attraction wasn't there. The majority of guys don't mind if a girl is "too eager". Especially, if it's not obsessive. These guys will respond positively to your actions.

    However, if they're not interested, they'll tend to slowly wean her out or cut off contact entirely.

    Not saying all guys follow this but it's the only thing that makes sense to me.

    • This was the last message he sent me. "...Also, I'm sorry for falling off the face of the planet, that's the story of my life currently... Hope all is well and I'm sure I'll see you sometime sooner than later:)" Is he full of shit?

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    • I completely agree with the comment, it is nothing to do with eagerness.

    • Well, I guess he does travel a lot for work. In the last couple months he went to Hawaii, LA, NYC (twice), Las Vegas, and Puerto Rico. Also, his dad died a few weeks ago. Maybe I should cut him some slack? What do you think?

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  • I honestly think all that mystery stuff is a load of crap.
    You don't need a guy that needs mystery. It's not natural. Sooner than later everyone gets to know eachother.

  • You can't damage is done. Mystery is gone. If he can't handle you without smoke and mirrors lol.. and mysteryyy oooohhh aaahhh lol he needs to grow up or find someone else.

    • or you could go M.I.A for a while, he'll chase again but then this stupid cycle will repeat :|.. you returning his affections, him getting bored, mystery being lost, you back off, he chases again... ugh so silly.