is it possible that he likes me?

So I'll make this story short..
I like this guy sooo bad. And to cut long story short, I'll put here a few examples of things he did that made me think if he likes me or not.

So the first thing is (he's a musician, I'm too) we had a final rehearsal before the show so our group of friends decided to take a photo. Later that day I posted it on Facebook and my description was "one photo before the show". A friend that we both know (that goes to rehearsals with us) posted a comment saying that would better description be "one photo with my boyfriend".. Many people that now me now that I like him, so 12 of them liked that comment, and HE LIKED IT, TOO.

Another example
I had a prom and before all photos came out, my friend posted a photo of me in a dress while singing, and he sent me a link of that photo in inbox and wrote something like "why is this so provocative".

Now I only need you from a guys perspective to write me if I misunderstood signs or something because I can't do it anymore. I want to tell him I like him for almost a year and now I finally feel brave enough.


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