didn't feel the chemistry? but knows its a cliche would like to has as a friend...?

so a friend takes a girl who he has been introduced to on a blind date.
after he asked her for a second date. she said " she didn't feel the chemistry, but really enjoyed spending time with him and would like to hang out as friends"
is she saying she's not attracted to him physically? but thinks he's a great guy?
and if so why bother as she knows he's attracted to her cos he told her?


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  • It could work out. She might find him attractive but just doesn't feel anything I've had that before. The friends thing doesn't always work if one person has feelings but on the other had she could become more and more attracted the more u hang out. I've had that happen too.


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  • It happens. He should be friends with her and that could lead to something more. Who knows.


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  • Sexually left cold
    but interested in being friends
    could work out
    >> so long as she's not using you for free & no sex rewards as lawn boy, moving van, handyman, etc.
    >> so long as the friendship is enjoyable to you
    >> so long as the friendship might lead to sex/relationship someday (her or a friend of hers)

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