Does he feel men aren't good people because he isn't?

My brother in law is a cheater and narcissist. My sister is with him because I feel she's a very vunerable person. My dad left us when we were younger and she was more affected than I was. Narcissists pretty much have low self esteem and try to make a fa├žade of themselves. He has three daughters with my sister. I have had a couple of heartfelt conversations with him before. One time we were talking about people being gay and if his daughters came out lesbians he'd rather that. Which got me thinking does my brother in law think all men are dogs?


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  • You lack a point of inference for his beliefs. Your sister has nothing to do with his viewpoints.

    • The past is the best predictor for the future behaviors.

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    • Yes I'm sure other than people that only care about themselves wouldn't agree.

    • It isn't that. It's just that you've built this off of a single instance, or so it seems, and that may have nothing to do with him but also just basic social stereotypes. "Fathers are supposed to protect their daughters" and "Dealing with boys is a pain in the ass" and "Pregnancy avoidance is awesome" are all prevalent ideas. Basically it's likely just him saying "I don't want them to get pregnant. Needs to be a nonissue."

  • men thinking men are bad, and men who want girls to be les. have no correlation


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