What kind of questions can I ask the guy I like?

Flirty, fun, random, whatever you can think of (and we are planning to go on a date soon)


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  • Just ask him so when are you going to take me out with a smiley face with it.


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  • Oh, I can go on forever so I would just mention one here:
    "What are your hobbies?"

    • Thanks. Too bad I'm not speaking to him anymore. :(

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    • Thank you so much for your help! I used to be someone who would try to force things to happen but I have to let it go. It's too much of a struggle to try and make friends with someone who puts in no effort.

    • True, it is so tiring to try to make friends with someone who puts in no effort or just give excuses. We Chinese also have another saying called "强摘的果子不甜" which directly translated into English means "Fruits which are plucked by force when they are not ready won't be sweet".

  • "How big is your dick?"