Is 21 or older too old to start dating?

During my teens I was busy trying to make it in the modelling world, I didn't care much for dating, but now I really really do and it's not happening.
I feel like And if I do meet someone someday he'll probably think I'm some kind of weirdo because I'm in my 20s and never even kissed a guy before.

I'm just so frustrated and feel lonely and unwanted.
And now that it's summer, I can't date for another 3 months, because I'm living far from where I study.

I just have no idea where I go wrong, I'm nice, polite, I go out and often meet friends of friends. I know I'm not ugly, I used to model and I get that's not everyones type but it has to be someone's type.
Even been trying online dating for 1.5 years and that's going terrible too

In real life I see a lot of great guys, but no one ever asks me out.
I sometimes cry myself to sleep because of it

I just don't know what to change to get better with this?


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  • What the hell?

    Girl I'm 28 how the hell am I supposed to feel?

    • Have you never been in a relationship either?

    • Nah, I have, but it's been a while, and I've only been in one.

    • well that's very different then you've been with someone before, I never have

  • "I sometimes cry myself to sleep because of it"

    If you feel THAT bad about it, why don't you make the first move with a guy you like?

    • Good answer nothing more to add here. Too many times girls complain and yet they don't bother making moves.

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    • Idk, they said something about men liking the chase and feminine and masculine energy.
      I did do the first step a few times and it didn't work out

    • Feminine and masculine energy? That's such utter BS.
      Well, that's no reason to let it get you down. Besides, you're 21 not 41. And also, I might be wrong, but it seems like you're having some kind of confidence issues. Get over them. Confidence is really hot

  • You could try not waiting for guys to ask you out.
    I'm sure many of those guys are intimidated by your looks.
    Also, many of them are assuming you're too attractive to be single.
    But if you talk to them first, if you're flirty, they'll know you're single, they'll know you're interested, and you might not even have to ask.

    • I guess I'm not really good at flirting, that's another I missed out on.
      And I'm scared too that they are not into me and think I'm pathetic or something

    • 'm sure its the exact opposite. You just need a little practice.
      You need to learn to be confident, learn that your worries are mostly baseless, and that other people see you in a more positive light than you see yourself.

      Think of this:
      If you saw an attractive guy walking around, and you didn't know anything about him other than he's there and he's attractive, what would you think of him?
      You wouldn't think he's pathetic because he's walking by himself, or that he probably doesn't have a gf, would you?

  • I'm 21 fk you :P (and single) is it balls to old its never too old :)

  • Not for women. Women can be virgins dateless, etc at any age and they are looked upon by society as "waiting for the right one" , or religious , but if a guy is single and/or a virgin past 20 years old he's accused of being gay, lame, a loser, etc. and he's gets 1,000% of the blame for being dateless.

  • I'm 23 and have never been on a date. Well one but I don't count it cause she was nuts lol. I would never dare to approach a gorgeous girl so that's probably part of your problem. I think it will get easier for you the more open you are. Being open does not mean to settle for anybody less than mr right!

    • I actually don't settling, I don't believe there is such thing as Mr. Right there are many people you're compatible with.
      I am open, I really try to be but it doesn't do anything for me

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  • Do you have goals in your life? It'll make you more attractive if you do.

    No not late at all. You still got plenty of opportunities. I think you have to look more approachable too and don't expect the guy to come up to you first.

    • I do, but part of it is having family. There are other things of course but when I think about myself in 10 years the main theme is being married, having a nice house with a kid or two

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    • First thing, Clear your head out of the gutter you got from dating books

    • I'm not going to write more here. I feel you have left out some details here. Feel free to message me if you wish.

  • I'm 19 now and never dated, kissed or had sex. Does it worry me? No. Does it make my self-esteem lower? Nope. Do I focus on it 24/7? Nope - I'm more worried about my exams and getting into uni than having a bf

  • If that's the case then I am doomed.

    But seriously, stop trying so hard. You know you are pretty and you will find that guy when the time is right. You don't have to doubt yourself.

    • I'm just scared that I'll always be alone, you know

      I wasn't always that upset about, but with all that time passing and nothing happening...

    • I get it. I see my friends dating all the time and I get a little sad that I don't have anyone. But then I think about all the nice things that I DO have and that lifts my mood up.

      I see it this way- If it has to happen, it will happen. If not, its ok because I like the way my life is right now. This is one thing I have left completely on destiny :)

  • no its not too old

    • are you married?

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    • oh I'm sorry. When did you meet your ex husband though?

    • We lived in the same neighborhood, and don'. Be I'm not.: )

  • its not too old at all. no age is ever too old really. try befriending a group of guys and flirting and being friendly and im sure you'll find someone for you

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