Does my prom date want her dress to be a surprise?

I go to the prom in 3 weeks so I asked my date if she can send me a pic of her dress, she replied by saying Boy you can't see it, lol in a joking way, but she reconsidered but only gave me a sneak peek and I couldn't barely see the whole thing. I just wanna know is she trying to surprise me when I see her all dressed up or whatever other reason?

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  • Of course she's waiting for you to see her till prom. It's a surprise as if you're getting married (don't freak because it's just a comparison). Plus she wants to look complete with her hair and makeup done when prom date comes, if you were to see it all now then you won't have the same reaction for the special night. Girls take prom a little more seriously than guys only because it has to do with us looking our best for our date and to have a great time before the year ends. Don't give too much thought into wanting to see it, when you do you'll love the dress and the way she looks in it.
    Hope prom goes great. Good luck. Be spiffy.


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  • It like at a wedding. The man can't see the lady before the date. :):)

  • Yeah...she does want it to be a surprise. It's kinda obvious


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