At a crossroads with this girl, what should I do?

I met a girl I like over a month ago. In like 6 weeks we have only gone out like 3 times. We have both been out of town during that stretch and our work schedules don't line up. I like her and I am pretty sure she likes me, and when we actually do go out, she calls it a date night and stuff like that.

But we were going to hang out this weekend, and she had to cancel because something in her work came up. She owns her own business and told me "It's really hard starting your own business, and I got like no free time coming up." and she followed it up saying it really sucks because she needs a life outside work. She works with problem dogs and has one with her right now too and said she can't have me over while that dog is staying with her because he is really bad. She also has appointments all over the state, and they are on nights on weekends, which is the times I usually have free,

I really like her but I am at a point where I can't do this one date every 2 weeks or whatever the pace we have now is. I also don't know whether I should just give her space and stop texting/calling her until she has free time opening up, or if I should text her more so we can connect over the phone at least until her schedule clears up. Any suggestions? What would you do?


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  • Definitely text more. The great thing about phones is being connected even when you aren't together. One of the greatest bands of all time, NSYNC, once said, "You may be twenty thousand miles away but I can see ya/And baby baby you can see me/Digital digital get down just what we need/We can get together naturally/We can get together on the digital screen." If the song Digital Get Down was wrong about phone and internet sex being great for a relationship, I don't want to be right.

    Joking aside, if you like this girl, find a way to stay connected. Once you have a schedule figured out, everything will be easier. And letting her know you're there for her when she's busy but still needing attention will keep her interested and appreciative.


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  • I'm a firm believer in getting to know someone over social media (including texting). that is how i met my boyfriend and is our main form of communication since he has a night shift job and i go to school/work during the day, we can't see each other a lot. if you think this girl is worth it, go ahead and try this method.

    If you don't think she is worth it or are unsure of what you feel about her, give her some space till you know for sure.

    • Well I texted her today and tried striking up a conversation and her response was just kind of "Im crazy busy now, Im not going to be free until next weekend at the earliest...ugh" So she didn't really try to keep the conversation going...I don't know, maybe she just needs some space right now

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