How to give a shy girl what she wants during intercourse?

My girlfriend is still shy around me thought she is starting to warm up.

According to her, the sex we have is the best she's ever had, but I don't know what she wants - neither does she lol, she just says "What you do is amazing".

We'll usually have 10-15 mins of foreplay/kissing/cuddling and then when we reach a certain point of "horniness" we'll jump at each other and do our thing.

She likes missionary best so we tend to start with that for 20 mins and then go to either side ways or doggy style (woof!)

She's told me she wants a bit more foreplay, so that's something we can build on... but what other things can we bring into it?

Been dating for just over a month now, and we're going on a little road trip in a couple weeks time!


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  • I'm shy and I just lay there sometimes. :x I like to be tossed around though. Like mold me how you want.

  • Just fuck her really good and hard cause shy girls usually want that (im like that too)

    • She's the kind of girl who just lies there with her mouth wide open, breathing deeply and looking into your eyes :P

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