if you knew ex bf was not over you would you want other girls he was trying to date to know that?

my ex gf is acting weird , she never ever went to the local pub that I go to but last Friday she was there and I'm not sure why. it seemed like she wanted to see me or for more odd purposes I'm even wondering if she knows there is other girls I want to date there but she also knows I'm not over her. and she wants them to see that I'm not over her.

cause some of them saw me talking to her and sort of seemed annoyed with me that I'd still want to talk to her at this point or still chasing after her. anyways I'm not sure if she like wants me back or just wants to mess with me and get some attention in the process.


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  • I wouldn't, because if I was over my ex, but he wasn't and I showed I wasn't interested in him... The girls could get jealous of me and ruin my life and his... If that made any sense.
    But no I wouldn't want other girls to know.


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  • Sounds like she's not over you either


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