Girls: there's a girl that i was 95% sure was interested in me - she is from a culture that does not allow dating or time alone with men... what now?

I like a girl and am 85% sure that she likes me. Only problem - her culture/religion does not allow dating (no spending time alone with a man either). She is 24, and her parents yelled at her because she wasn't home by 10:00PM last night. It is QUITE "repressive" in some ways, especially to girls.

I texted her the next day and I asked how things went with her parents... she opened up to me and told me how it sucks to be yelled at as an adult, and that she cried last night. I told consoled her and told her that she is awesome and have her a *hug* and consoled her more, and she said "awwww :) thank you"... after a couple texts I made the suggestion to go to a movie that we had both expressed interest in. She took a while longer than usual to respond and said "I'm going to keep it the going out to a minimum for the next little while so that I get back on my mom's good side :P" to which I replied "That's probably a good idea, good luck :)", and she said "haha thanks :)".

I initially got super bummed and took it as rejection, but started thinking that - it REALLY felt like there were feelings there, and that most likely it was just the serious religious/cultural stuff surrounding it... does the fact that she returned the smiley face :) in that last text hold significance at all? I really do care for this girl, with genuine feelings... it made me sad to hear she cried and I wanted to be there for her!

Also, what do you think - can you tell if she likes me just based off the conversation I've written here and her opening up (there are other signs as well)?


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  • ''Does not allw dating, OR ALN TIME WITH MEN.'' ''WHAT NOW?''

    Go bang your sack against a wall, then light your sack on fire.

    Jk, find a new girl.


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  • what culture is that?

  • Is she a Jehovah's Witness? If you don't know what that is you can go to


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