what can I do about my long distance boyfriend who is paying less attention to me?

My boyfriend and I were together for two years in high school. Then he had to move and go to another school. He got a lot of stress at that time and we would barely talk so he broke up with me. We dated different people but we realized that what we had was precious and unique. So after two years of wandering around dating other people, we finally confessed our love for each other and of course we are back together again. But the downside is that I'm on a transfer program in my college and I basically have to live in another country for a year. In the beginning of our LDR, we would stay up for each other just to talk. We would stay home the whole day and FaceTime on the weekends. We would try our best to communicate our love for each other through text or snapchat whenever we get a chance. But recently, he stopped doing that. He stopped calling me and even when I text him, it would take him an hour to text back. We used to spend hours just to talk about our days and things that are happening in our lives but now we barely even talk. I have talked to him about this problem and nothing have changed. I really don't want to lose him again. What can I do?


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  • move back to your country...distance relationship is fragile and can easily end up

    • I'm going back in less than a month but is anything gonna be changed once I'm back?

    • maybe he might be happy to get you back by his side or not..it all depends upon him...but try to see what happens when you will get back into his life